NitroFlare Ripple Training: Getting Started in Motion 5

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    Ripple Training - Getting Started in Motion 5 | 1.76 GB
    Getting Started in Motion 5 is our flagship tutorial that sets the groundwork for creating eye-catching motion graphics, titles and effects. Each lesson focuses on building fundamental Motion skills such as working with groups and layers; transforming objects; animating with behaviors and keyframes; keying; using shapes, replicators and image masks; adding titles and publishing templates for Final Cut Pro X. This tutorial is your entrance key to exploring a new world of creative possibilities for your video projects.

    Who is this Tutorial for?
    Getting Started in Motion 5 was designed for people with little or no experience with Motion or other motion graphics or animation software. Anyone using Final Cut Pro X who is interested in creating and publishing templates for use in Final Cut Pro X will also greatly benefit from this tutorial.

    Getting Started in Motion 5 is presented in 17 lessons with running time of 3 hours and 20 minutes. The tutorial also includes project and media files for following along in Motion 5.

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