Risen: Collector's Edition (2009/MULTi3/Lossless RePack by RG Catalyst)

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    Risen: Collector's Edition (2009/MULTi3/Lossless RePack by RG Catalyst)
    Year: 2009 | PC | RUS/ENG/GER | Developer: Piranha Bytes | Publisher: Deep Silver / New Disc | 2.61 GB
    Genre: RPG / 3D / 3rd Person

    Will the all-powerful Inquisition! Listen to the highest decree of the lord. We have heard rumors that the neighboring island is cursed. In the jungle, opened up the solid earth, and the ancient temple stood on the remains of forgotten villages.

    So - all this dirty slander. Anyone who dares to leave the city without a permit in order to check the false tale, to be executed. We have already sent a detachment of guards, and soon learn the details. However, consider what happened eruption. In the jungle walk is not necessary - some people have not returned. Yes, their fate will be a lesson to all!

    The new role-playing game from the creators of the famous Gothic series immediately attracted the attention of fans of the genre. Everybody can find something - an elegant style of sword fighting, powerful spells tremendous opportunities leveling. From your actions depends on many things - the various factions try to bring the hero to his side. The abundance of weapons and equipment will amaze even experienced adventurers. On localizing the game worked best actors of our country - you'll be happy to plunge into a series of incredible adventures, conversations, and fierce fighting.

    "More than 60 hours of play and a lot of passing options;
    "The Inquisition, the rebels, sorcerers, ancient race - choose your way!
    "Open space and underground, full of traps, monsters and treasures.

    Features repack:

    Do not cut / no recoded
    Option to set different combinations of locations
    Option to install the unofficial patch v1.3
    Option to install patches in the Russian localization of the World of Risen
    Option to install Hotfix v.1.01 (fixes a problem with the "fog" on nVidia cards second and seventh series)
    Option to install Risen Tuning Utility (you can edit additional settings of the game)
    Installation time ~ 20 minutes
    RePacked by [RG Catalyst]


    If you think a voice repake its affiliates, do not need to download them.
    data-2.1.catalyst (English)
    data-2.2.catalyst (German)
    data-2.3.catalyst (Russian)

    updated: 15.05.2012 UPD # 2 "Cause:

    Added optional ability to install Hotfix v.1.01 (fixes a problem with the "fog" on nVidia cards second and seventh series);
    Added optional ability to install Risen Tuning Utility (you can edit additional settings of the game);
    Improved installer features, now if you will not download any of ozvuchek, then in the installer will not attend her choice on the page components;
    Fixed the installation of a combination of components, and Russian text corrections in the Russian localization of the World of Risen. Previously, under any circumstances, install patches from the World of Risen;
    Fixed deleting the save;
    For bug-report and advice many thanks Venom-22

    "There have been updated and added files:

    * \ Setup.exe

    v Operating system: Windows XP / Seven
    v Processor: Pentium 4 2 GHz or equivalent Athlon
    v Memory: 1 GB
    v Video: level GeForce 7900 or Radeon X1800 with 256 MB VRAM
    v Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible
    v Free hard drive space: 2.45 GB






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