Rofuto (2005) aka Loft

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    uffering from writer’s block, Reiko (Nakatani Miki) moves to a countryside villa at her editor’s beckoning, to quietly work on her next novel. Her new environment turns out to be anything but peaceful when she catches sight of her next door neighbor surreptitiously moving a thousand-year-old mummified corpse into his university lab for research. Though Reiko and her neighbor get off to a bumpy start, the two grow closer over time, enough so that Reiko eventually agrees to hide the mummy in her home. But the mummy isn’t the only unlikely guest within the walls, there’s someone or something else lurking in the background…

    User Rating: 5.3/10 (97 votes)

    (Credited cast)
    Miki Nakatani ... Reiko Hatuna
    Etsushi Toyokawa ... Makoto Yoshioka
    Hidetoshi Nishijima ... Koichi Kijima
    Yumi Adachi ... Aya
    Sawa Suzuki ... Megumi Nonomura
    Haruhiko Katô ... Murakami
    Ren Osugi ... Hino (as Ren Oosugi)

    =Language is Japanese - English Subs Included=-



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