Romance Of The West

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    Plot : Cheung, A 23-year-old unmarried travelling scholar, stops over at a monastery, where he sights a beautiful woman. Against the rules, Monk Faben allows Cheung to stay and woo the girl, Ann-Ann. She is shy, and also is the Prime Minister's daughter, so the wooing is arranged by Ann-Ann's maid Hung.

    Overview : Lam Yee-hung directs this low-budget Category III period erotic drama about itinerant scholar Chiang Chuen-sui (Jimmy Wong Shu-kei) who finds refuge at a monastery, which, he is pleased to learn, houses a number of nubile young maidens. After getting permission to stay there from the head monk Faben (Elvis Tsui Kam-kong), he quickly seduces the beautiful Ann-ann. Later, a band of roughguards lay siege on the monastery, demanding that it turn over Ann-ann to them. When her desperate mother promises her daughter's hand in marriage to anyone who could save her, Chiang quickly comes to the rescue and thwarts the baddies. Unfortunately, Ann-ann's mother proves to be insincere in her offer and refuses to acknowledge Chiang because of his low birth. In spite of her mother's pronounced disapproval and her fiancée's desperate jealousy, Ann-ann vows to stay with her new love. ~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide (SubTitles In English embeded)


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