NitroFlare RubyMine.8.0.1 (Mac OS X)

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    RubyMine 8.0.1 (Mac OS X) | 213,09 MB

    RubyMine 8 is the last final version considered by many as the best of Ruby and Rails IDE for building applications and already has clients include platforms such as Twitter or RackSpace.

    As announced from the website of the project with this latest release is now possible to test and debug functions regardless of whether they are developing Ruby applications for iOS, Web applications with a lot of CoffeeScript code, JRuby applications, ...

    System Requirements
    Mac OS X 10.6 or higher
    Java 8
    Minimum 2 GB of RAM
    4 GB RAM recommended
    Ruby 1.8.x or higher, or JRuby



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