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    Ruddle Endodontic

    Product Description

    This 4-part CD series powerfully demonstrates nonsurgical retreatment techniques you can utilize to resolve frequently encountered endodontic problems. Techniques are demonstrated in plastic models with 3D animations, and on extracted teeth and operatory patients.

    CD1: Nonsurgical Retreatment: Disassembly and Missed Canals, Quality and Profitability
    The rationale for nonsurgical endodontic retreatment
    Instruments and techniques for the removal of restorative dentistry
    Learn how to identify and treat frequently missed canals
    Patient communication, teamwork, scheduling and fees
    CD2: Nonsurgical Removal of: Gutta Percha, Silver Points, Carriers and Paste Fillers
    Experience the use of CDR, ultrasonics, microscopes, and rotary instruments
    Implement the best techniques for safe and efficient removal of obturation materials
    Integrate the latest "tips" to make removal procedures easy
    Discover the 5 steps to mastery
    CD3: Nonsurgical Removal of: Posts and Broken Instruments
    Quickly and safely remove the commonly placed core materials
    Successfully eliminate various post types with ease
    Effectively retrieve instruments separated deep within the root canal space
    Powerfully view ultrasonics and the post and instrument removal systems in action
    CD4: Management of: Blocks, Ledges, Transportations and Perforations
    Move beyond the "block" and negotiate the terminus
    Bypass and treat ledged canals
    Recognize, avoid and manage transportations
    Successfully repair perforations utilizing the latest instruments, techniques and materials


    Product Description

    A comprehensive CD covering all aspects of shaping canals and three-dimensionally cleaning and filling root canal systems.

    This CD is intended to be a comprehensive reference source for conventional endodontic treatment and includes the following topics:

    Rationale for Treatment
    Appreciate how pulpal breakdown, disease flow and root canal systems impact the restorative practice.
    Patient Diagnosis
    Learn the 3-step endo exam, how to identify pulpally involved teeth, and find the "pot of gold".
    Access Preparation
    Achieve complete, straightline access to all orifices and create the opening for canal preparation.
    Concepts and Strategies
    Learn how to sequence the prep, establish working length, and consistently manage the glide path.
    Shaping Techniques
    "Ruddle on Rotary" techniques allow you to safely and efficiently shape canals with emphasis on internal and external anatomy.
    Hydrodynamic Disinfection
    Visualize how fluid activation encourages debridement and disinfection. Cleaning root canal systems promotes 3-D obturation.
    3-D Obturation
    Step-by-step techniques demonstrate how to predictably fill root canal systems using warm gutta percha methods.
    Coronal Restoration
    Appreciate the importance of achieving the "rest of the seal" and how to properly finish successful endodontic treatment.


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