S.f.w. (1994)

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    Rating: 5.5/10
    Runtime: 96
    Language: English
    Country: US
    Color: Colour
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Jefery Levy
    Stephen Dorff... Cliff Spab
    Reese Witherspoon... Wendy Pfister
    Jake Busey... Morrow Streeter
    Joey Lauren Adams... Monica Dice
    Pamela Gidley... Janet Streeter
    David Barry Gray... Scott Spab
    Jack Noseworthy... Joe Dice
    Richard Portnow... Gerald Parsley
    Edward Wiley... Mr. Spab
    Lela Ivey... Mrs. Spab
    Natasha Gregson Wagner... Kristen
    Annie McEnroe... Dolly
    Virgil Frye... Earl
    Francesca Roberts... Kim Martin (as Francesca P. Roberts)
    Soon-Tek Oh... Milt Morris

    Description: Five people are being held hostage in a convenience store for 36 days. One of the demands of the hostage takers is that all TV-stations should broadcast the entire situation live. Cliff and Wendy are the only survivors, and when the are released, they are heroes. Especially Cliff is a national hero, and his apathetic ideology "so fucking what" turns into a national movement. Cliff himself is not that happy about all the fuss.

    Way, way ahead of it's time (similarly themed films made years after were Natural Born Killers, Mad City, Truman Show), this is, quite simply, a life-altering, mind-altering film which zeroes in on and then embodies the zeitgeist of the nineties. See this film, take a look at the world surround you (especially western popular culture), and think about it. It's also pretty damn funny.

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    File size: 700Mb | Dimensions: 608 x 336
    Video: 887kbps XviD | Audio: 126 kb/s mp3

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