Sang d'un poète, Le (1930)

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    Runtime: 55 min
    Language: French
    Country: France
    Color: Black and White

    Director: Jean Cocteau
    Enrique Rivero ... Poet
    Elizabeth Lee Miller ... Statue
    Pauline Carton
    Odette Talazac
    Jean Desbordes ... Louis XV Friend
    Fernand Dichamps
    Lucien Jager
    Féral Benga ... Black Angel

    Description: Jean Cocteau's "the Blood of a Poet" is a very strange film. Even by todays standards, but I can't imagine the response in 1930. The film was funded by the same producer of Bunuel/Dali's "L Age D Or"(1930). Cocteau considered the film expressionism even though it feels like surrealism. His goal was to film a poem. In the beginning of the film we witness a chimney collapse. Then we are introduced to an artist. He is doing a sketch and erases the mouth. The mouth appears on his hand and starts to talk. Then when his hand touches the statue, it comes to life. He enters the mirror and it takes him to a strange hotel, behind each door is something bizarre happening. One room a boy is trying to fly, another room there's a strange man with a spiral. Then the artist goes crazy and shoots himself. Then the film goes on to a dreamlike violent snowball fight and game of cards, and another suicide attempt. Very unique, highly surreal with slight homo-erotic overtones; "The Blood of a Poet" feels like waking up from a crazy dream!

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