Satanik (1968)

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    Rating: 4.2
    Runtime: 80 min
    Language: English
    Country: Italy / Spain
    Color: Color
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Piero Vivarelli
    Magda Konopka ... Dr. Marnie Bannister
    Julio Peña ... Inspector Trent
    Umberto Raho ... George Van Donan
    Luigi Montini ... Dodo La Roche
    Armando Calvo

    Description: Old and scarred Marnie Bannister (Magda Konopka) thinks her best days might be behind her, at least until a colleague demonstrates a new genetic formula capable of regressing the age drive in organisms, albeit with psychologically destructive results. Naturally the old biddy takes a gulp of this youth potion and turns into a sultry blonde vixen, the perfect vehicle for luring in wealthy men and stripping them of their fortunes. Unfortunately her first victim, George (giallo staple Umberto Raho), catches her mid-transformation and winds up sliced to bits for his trouble. Flip-flopping between appearances thanks to her handy potion, she dons a number of outrageous mod outfits, performs a criminal striptease in a body-hugging black outfit, and eludes the police looking for a homicidal old woman.

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    thanks for the movie...

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