Savages (1972)

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    Rating: 5.9/10
    Runtime: 106
    Language: English
    Country: USA
    Color: Color

    Director: James Ivory
    Lewis J. Stadlen ... Julian Branch, a Song Writer (as Lewis Stadlen)
    Anne Francine ... Carlotta, a Hostess
    Thayer David ... Otto Nurder, a Capitalist
    Susan Blakely ... Cecily, a Debutante
    Russ Thacker ... Andrew, an Eligible Young Man
    Salome Jens ... Emily Penning, a Woman in Disgrace
    Margaret Brewster ... Lady Cora
    Neil Fitzgerald ... Sir Harry
    Eva Saleh ... Zia, the Child
    Ultra Violet ... Iliona, a Decadent
    Asha Puthli ... Asha, The Forest Girl
    Martin Kove ... Archie, a Bully
    Kathleen Widdoes ... Leslie
    Christopher Pennock ... Hester
    Sam Waterston ... James, the Limping Man

    Description: Seemingly a reversal of Luis Bunuel's The Exterminating Angel, Savages starts with a tribal group (the 'Mud People') performing what appears to be a sacrifice (all to un-translated German narration), who stop to follow the path of a mysterious croquet ball that lands in their midst. The path leads them to a large mansion in the middle of the jungle, wherein they begin 'evolving' into 1920's socialites, soon taking on roles of the various characters in a weekend party (two even taking opposite gender roles!). The film follows the evolution (and eventual devolution) of these characters as a story about the unchanging 'tribal' nature of humanity. The cinematography in the film is a major highlight, going from black & white to sepia-toned to color, using the shifting color scheme beautifully, and the script is a wonderfully sadistic satire, well-played by an excellent cast (including Sam Waterston in an early role). The film is purposefully slow-moving, beautiful to watch, quietly philosophical, and utterly strange and haunting in the way that Merchant Ivory films tend to be, the film is heartily recommended to those who go for the more unusual and experimental.

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    Very interesting movie. Thanks for the post.

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