SDF Viewer v1.7.3

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    SDF Viewer v1.7.3

    SDF Viewer v1.7.3 | 10.5 MB

    SDF Viewer - a program for creating, viewing, editing, and export data from an SDF file, or SQL CE database Pocket PC devices. Allows you to run SQL commands to the SQL CE database, and instantly see the results.

    Key features:
    - Works with the database SQL Server CE version 3.1 and 3.5 (Auto version of the database)
    - Copying files to / from a database of devices running Windows Mobile
    - Opening of the SDF database file on your PC
    - View the database
    - Create a new table, rename, delete or modify existing tables
    - Add, delete and modify data columns
    - Create new indexes
    - View, sort, add, change and delete data from table
    - Creating SQL queries and scripts
    - Add, edit, and delete the password database
    - Upgrading existing databases to version 3.1 to 3.5
    - Import and export tables to Excel XLS and XML formats
    - Import from SQL Server and SQL Server Express
    - Import images in a database
    - Automatic file backup of the database

    The SDF Viewer application will allow you to create, view and edit SQL Server Compact version 3.1 and 3.5 databases. The simple way to create, view, edit or export the data in your Windows Mobile or Pocket PC device's SQLCE database, from the convenience of your Desktop. Run SQL commands on your SQLCE databases, and view the results instantly.

    Here are some key features of "SDF Viewer":
    i?? Works with both SQL Server CE Version 3.1 and 3.5 databases - Auto Detection of Database Version
    i?? Scans attached Windows Mobile Device for Databases
    i?? Copies Database Files to and from your Windows Mobile Device
    i?? Opens SDF Database file on your PC
    i?? Creates New SQL Server Compact Edition Databases
    i?? View the Database and Index Structures
    i?? Create a New Tables, Rename, Drop or Modify Existing Tables
    i?? Add, Delete and Alter Data Columns
    i?? Create New Indexes
    i?? Add Foreign Key Relationships
    i?? View, Sort, Add, Modify and Delete Data from Tables
    i?? View, Add and Change Image Columns
    i?? Create SQL Queries and Scripts, Drag & Drop Table and Column Names to Query
    i?? Open / Save Scripts / Queries as. Sql files
    i?? Add, Change and Remove Database Passwords
    i?? Compact and Repair Databases
    i?? Upgrade Existing Databases from Version 3.1 to 3.5
    i?? Import and Export Tables to Excel XLS and XML formats
    i?? Import From SQL Server and SQL Server Express
    i?? Import Pictures into a Database
    i?? Script SQLCE Database Tables, Data, Indexes
    i?? Set an automatic backup of database files each time they are opened.


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