Sea of Fear (2006) DvdRip

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    Two couples on a sailboat vacation have their worst fears come true. One by one each of the seven passengers aboard a sailboat cruise begin to disappear. A murderer is among them, or is it one of them? Or could it be the mysterious boat that is following them. There are rumors of modern pirates in these waters. Soon everyone will discover the truth – or they will die trying.

    IMDB Rating: User Rating: 2.6/10

    Cast :
    Edward Albert - Captain
    Katherine Bailess - Kate
    Kieren Hutchison - Tom
    Burgess Jenkins - Lance
    Adam Mayfield - Joel
    Christopher Showerman - Derek
    Caroline Walker - Ashley MacDougal

    Title : Sea of Fear
    DVD date : 22/08/06
    Rls Date : 14/08/06
    Source : R1 NTSC
    Year of X : 2006
    Format : DVDRip XviD
    Audio : Eng
    Subs : Eng/Spa
    Runtime : 90 mn


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