Second Coming (2009) DVDRip XviD PlaZa ac3 5.1

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    Second Coming (2009)
    Video Codec....: XviD-1.2.1
    Video Bitrate..: 750 kbps
    Audio Codec....: AC3 5.1 ch
    Audio Bitrate..: 384 kbps
    Aspect Ratio...: 2.35:1
    Resolution.....: 640 x 272
    Frame Rate.....: 23.976 fps
    Genre..........: Action/Drama/Horror
    Runtime........: 89 mins
    Audio Language.: English/English/English
    Code: Select all

    Growing up as identical twin sisters, Lora and Ashley Gerritson always had a special psychic bond. When one would feel pain, sorrow or happiness, the other felt it too. While Lora left the small town that haunted her as a child to become a successful photographer in the big city, her sister, Ashley, remained to live a simple life working at the local diner with her friend Maggie. Lora's life is suddenly changed when she begins to receive chilling visions from her sister, Ashley. Something is horribly wrong...she can feel it. Lora knows she must return to the small town of her childhood to find Ashley.She begins to realize that Barry Drake, a well-loved,upstanding member of the community, may hold the key to finding Ashley. There is something dark and unsettling about him. As the visions become stronger, she feels that time is running out. Prepare yourself for a game of cat and mouse that unfolds to reveal the mystery of a sister's "Second Coming".


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    I have to admit, this is one of the worst pieces of crap I've ever seen. What was the point? Got to admit, it held my attention right to the end. Then, complete disappointment.
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