Sedonas Rule (2010) DVDRip XviD

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    Sedonas Rule (2010) DVDRip XviD
    Language(s): English
    1hr 30mn | DVDRip | avi | 640 x 272 | XviD @ 953 Kbps | MP3 @ 120 Kbps | 703 MB
    Genre(s): Drama | Thriller

    Nicolas falls in love with Sedona, and he thinks shes the woman of his dreams. Sedona is way out of his league and has one condition. She requires a free pass every
    month to cheat on him. Being the hopeless romantic, Nicolas attempts to make her happy, and gives in to her demand. Their relationship becomes a roller coaster of
    great sexual highs, and dismal depressive lows. Neither of them realizes that their truly unique and dramatic arrangement has caught the attention of a watcher.

    person is a serious voyeur, and is now filming their every move, with the intention of creating the perfect tragic ending. Nicolas must find the courage to stop the
    watcher, save Sedona, and maybe even grow a backbone.




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