SEGA Rally v. (2007/MULTi2/RePack by RG Games)

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    SEGA Rally v. (2007/MULTi2/RePack by RG Games)
    Year: 2009 | PC | Eng Rus | Developer: SEGA Driving Studio | Published by: SEGA | 2.66 GB
    Genre: Arcade / racing (cars) / 3D

    Engines roaring choke, the audience panicked run back from the road, the gravel under the wheels breaks and clods of dirt: rally racing - a sport for real men! What is your main rival - not the driver of another car, although it will have to contend with, as nature itself! Sharp turns, rocky cliffs, snow-covered slopes with deep snowdrifts and puddles of mud instead of asphalt - are you ready for such tests?

    Sharp turns, rocky cliffs, snow-covered slopes with deep snowdrifts and puddles of mud instead of asphalt - are you ready for such tests?
    SEGA Rally will force you to take a fresh look at the race over rough terrain. Never before had run so well on the screen did not repeat all the bumps, holes and bumps of this road. From now on, a little gently take turns, you should also monitor the coating. Fly in at full speed in terrible potholes, testing tires stones - not the most efficient way to get ahead of rivals. Instead of this it is necessary to use the peculiarities of of the landscape, to gain an advantage on the track.


    -Simplicity and realism - the key to success! Rally racing acquire a unprecedented hitherto plausibility to: the behavior of of machines varies in the depending on the road covering and weather conditions the so-, as a this is happening in the life of. At the same time, management will manage even the novice driver and the subtleties and tricks of the racing profession does not have long to learn.
    Bumper to bumper, and in splendid isolation! Test your nerves on the strength of different races. Some championships totally dedicated to the fight against the insidious route - you can not see the opponents, and compete only with their time. In other machines are a continuous stream - on a narrow path close to the collision, and even the whole catastrophe!
    -Protect the environment! Indeed, from now on any plant or roadside construction is easy to kill and destroy. Say "no" concrete fence tape - all items subject to the laws of physics.
    -Storm for every taste! Choose a car, guided by their own preferences - every driver will find it to another four-wheel, which he dreamed. Rally fleet consists of full-, front-and rear-wheel drive fireballs.
    Opponents do not lose time in vain! They know how to skid in turns to enter and they know which tires are suitable for asphalt, and which - for the dirt. However, you do not have to contend with perfect drivers! Artificial intelligence adapts to your style of play, so the virtual drivers make mistakes, too.

    Install and run:

    1. Mount image
    2. Set installer following the instructions
    3. Play

    Features repack:

    -Do not cut, do not recoded
    Sewn-Patch v4.060 + NoDVD v4.060
    Crack-version 1.06 on 27/02/08
    -Installing the the entire the necessary software on
    -Run the game through the shortcut on the desktop or the Start menu
    Author-repack Baracuda ® [RG Games]

    System requirements:

    -Operating System: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
    Processor: Pentium 4/Athlon XP 2 GHz
    -RAM: 1 GB of memory
    -Video card: 3D-accelerator with 128 MB of memory
    -Sound Card: compatible with DirectX ® 9.0
    -Free space on hard disk: 4.12 GB




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