Serious Charge (1959)

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    Rating: 6.0/10
    Runtime: 95
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Black & white

    Director: Terence Young
    Anthony Quayle... The Reverend Howard Phillips
    Sarah Churchill... Hester Peters
    Andrew Ray... Larry Thompson
    Irene Browne... Mrs. Phillips
    Percy Herbert... Mr. Thompson
    Noel Howlett... Mr. Peters

    rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Wilfrid Brambell... Verger
    Liliane Brousse... Michelle
    Jean Cadell... Almshouse Matron
    Judith Furse... Probation Officer
    Leigh Madison... Mary Williams
    Julie Martin
    Wilfred Pickles... Magistrate
    Wensley Pithey... Police Sergeant
    Cliff Richard... Curley Thompson
    George Roderick... Fishmonger
    Olive Sloane... Mrs. Browning

    Description: An unmarried vicar in a new parish (Quayle) accuses a local 19 year old of being partially responsible for the death of a teenage girl. In defiance, the young man claims the vicar molested him. Out of spite, his story is backed up by a local woman (Churchill) still furious that the vicar rejected her advances. Unfortunately for the vicar, the woman is a highly respected member of the community - her father is the previous clergyman.

    Given that this film was released in 1959, its subject matter is pretty ground-breaking, especially for a British film. Yes, the depiction of disaffected youth hanging around coffee bars, breaking into swimming pools and grooving to Cliff Richard's Livin' Doll is a little clumsy (Richard is asked to do little in a secondary role other than sulk or croon), but in an era when folks weren't supposed to know about homosexuality (at least in the movies), this is quite a daring story, and occasionally quite subversive. We the audience are ever so slightly encouraged to wonder about Quayle's sexuality as he spurns the advances of a good churchy woman, seems oblivious to his sexy young French maid (!) and looks up to his strident mother (a wonderfully knowing performance by Irene Browne). Judith Furse's probation officer is also deliciously ambiguous...

    So quite a grown up film then - a shame that these days it's probably only known for being Cliff's debut film.

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