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    Director:Hark Tsui

    Writers:Chi-Sing Cheung
    Tin Nam Chun
    Release Date:29 July 2005 (China)
    Genre:Action / Drama
    Plot Outline:Seven warriors come together to protect a village from a diabolical General.
    Plot Keywords:China / Chinese / Sword / Based On Novel
    Awards:2 wins & 17 nominations
    User Comments:A life-changing cinema possessed by the GOD of celluloid who's name is TSUI HARK

    (Credited cast)

    Donnie Yen ... Chu Zhao Nan
    Leon Lai ... Yang Yun Chong
    Charlie Yeung ... Wu Yuan Yin
    Liwu Dai ... Xin Long Zi

    Chia-Liang Liu ... Fu Qing Ju
    Duncan Lai ... Mulang (as Duncan Chow)
    Yi Lu ... Han Zhi Ban
    Jingwu Ma ... Master Shadow-Glow
    Jason Pai Piao ... Liu Jingyi
    Honglei Sun ... Fire-wind

    Michael Wong ... Prince Dokado (as Michael F. Wong)
    Jingchu Zhang ... Liu Yufang
    So-yeon Kim ... Luzhu
    rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Jiajia Chen ... Kualo
    Michelle Mee ... Luzhu (voice)
    Wenjie Wang ... Duogeduo Swordsman

    Also Known As:Qi jian (Hong Kong: Mandarin title)
    Seven Swords (International: English title)
    Seven Swords of Mt. Tien - Part I (Hong Kong: English title) (working title)
    Seven Swordsmen Leave Mt. Heaven (Hong Kong: English title) (working title)
    The Seven Swords (International: English title)
    Runtime:153 min / Singapore:141 min (cut)
    Country:South Korea / Hong Kong / China


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