Shadow of Deception (1971)

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    Rating: 7.9/10 7 votes
    Runtime: 100
    Language: Japanese with soft English, Traditional Chinese subs
    Country: Japan
    Color: Color

    Description: It was five years ago when Minako spent a night with Sozo, younger brother of her ex-husband. She now lives in a local town with a rich old man who owns a dry goods store. The husband is over sixty years old and is no longer capable as a man, though he loves his young wife. It is for this reason that Minako goes to Tokyo on business every three months to meet Sozo who has married the daughter of his respected teacher. Sozo is a promising scholar studying archaeology and is eyeing for the post of assistant professor. For Minako, it is a false life to live with her old husband and it is her sole existence to be with Sozo. Luckily, they have a chance to meet together at a seaside town near her hometown, but happened to be discovered by the aged housemaid. Another misfortune follows at Osaka airport where Minako is going to see Sozo off for Tokyo. There, they meet a reporter who is Sozo's old friend and a native of Minako's town. A catastrophe is near at hand, they believe. While Minako makes up her mind to continue the affair, Sozo is attached to earthly success. Finally, he decides to rid himself of this trouble by killing Minako. Is she aware of this? And does she still love such a man who is planning to kill her?

    English, Traditional Chinese subs (IDX & SUB)
    Rar Password: none
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