Shakespeare-Wallah (1965)

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    Rating: 6.9/10
    Runtime: 120
    Language: English
    Country: India
    Color: Black & White

    Director: James Ivory
    Shashi Kapoor ... Sanju
    Felicity Kendal ... Lizzie Buckingham
    Geoffrey Kendal ... Mr. Tony Buckingham
    Laura Liddell ... Mrs. Carla Buckingham
    Madhur Jaffrey ... Manjula
    Utpal Dutt ... Maharaja
    Praveen Paul ... Didi
    Prayag Raj ... Sharmaji (as Prayag Raaj)
    Pinchoo Kapoor ... Guptaji
    Jim D. Tytler ... Bobby (as Jim Tytler)
    Hamid Sayani ... Headmaster's Brother
    Marcus Murch ... Dandy in 'The Critic'
    Pratap Sharma ... Aslam

    Description: Like its title, Shakespeare Wallah is a film of unexpected juxtapositions and cultural conflict; it is a look at changing values in art, and an examination of the question of what it means to be indigenous to a place. The nomadic lifestyle of the poor players -- artfully shown through many scenes of their fretful peregrinations around India -- provides the visual enactment of the problem of the Buckinghams' rootlessness, as here we find the first Merchant-Ivory-Jhabvala exploration of that subject, the great dilemma for Merchant Ivory characters from Lizzie Buckingham to Ruth Wilcox in Howards End. "Everything is different when you belong to a place. When it's yours," Carla Buckingham quietly and regretfully tells her daughter, the young Englishwoman who was born in India and has never stepped foot on the soil of her "home" country.

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    Many thanks for this , can you post more of the merchant ivory collection. Thanks.
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    Shakespeare Wallah

    Thanks for posting this rarity.

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