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    Here's the thing Viola's soccer team at Cornwall got cut so she wanted to join the boys team, but they did not allow. So she thought "If you can't join them, beat them". And so she does, she disguises herself as her twin brother Sebastian, and goes out for the Illyria Boys Soccer Team. But she didn't plan falling in love with her roommate Duke. But the thing is Duke has his eye on Olivia. The thing that makes matters worse Olivia starts to fall for Sebastian who actually is a girl and she/he has a sensitive side. If things couldn't get more problematical the real Sebastian (who is in London working on his music) comes home early. He arrives on campus and has no clue that he was replaced by his twin sister.
    release date  : 22.05.2007.
    source        : Retail PAL DVD.
    rar files     : 95x50mb.
    image size    : 4,37gb (4.693.737.472 bytes).
    menu          : re-authored.
    audio         : english 5.1, english DTS.
    subtitles     : danish finnish norwegian swedish.
    video         : re-encoded, passes 5, bitrate 4818 (80% of original size).
    extras        : fully stripped.
    notes         : NotYou (DTS version) did not remove all protection so encode went terrible
                    out of sync some places. Check /SAMPLE/notyou-stm.proof.vob.

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