Shiver (2003)

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    Director: Siu-hung Chung
    Genre: horror/thriller
    Language: Chinese
    Subtitle: English

    Francis Ng ... Chan Kwok-Ming
    Nick Cheung ... Ko Chun
    Athena Chu ... Mok Sum-Yi
    Tiffany Lee ... Zhou Kit-Yu

    Sammi (Athena Chu) and her husband Chan (Francis Ng) find themselves resurrecting their nearly failed marriage after Sammi suffers a grave injury in an armed robbery. Though the injury gives Sammi and Chan another chance at love* it also puts Sammi in great danger. After she heals from the incident* Sammi begins to have premonitions of murders* an event which Chan* a police officer* uses to further a murder investigation* but which also places them at risk from the murderer.


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