Simply Maya 3D Cartoon Set Design - The Med Lab

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    Simply Maya 3D Cartoon Set Design - The Med Lab


    Simply Maya 3D Cartoon Set Design - The Med Lab
    Author viphan on 23 April 2012 @ Tutorials
    Simply Maya 3D Cartoon Set Design - The Med Lab
    Simply Maya 3D Cartoon Set Design - The Med Lab
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    This is a complete tutorial series covering modeling, texturing and mood lighting of a cartoon set, with a little bit of dynamics towards the end to add to the final render. It is a very entertaining beginner project and great if you're new to using Maya. This twelve hour long series comes with the unposed model of the mad scientist and during the modeling tutorial we will build the med lab to create the complete scene.

    Cartoon 3D Set Design - Modeling The Med Lab
    After the reference images are imported you will start working with a simple polygon cube shape and bit by bit add the doorway, wonky planks, appliances, lab bed and all the wires and other lab parts seen in the image above to build the complete scene. Cartoon environments are less detailed than real world environments and rely on their shading which makes them quite easy and fun to build. As this scene has many component parts you'll learn to work with a lot of different techniques and modeling tools along the way.

    This is a good way to familiarize yourself with modeling both with NURBS and polygons in Maya. We'll show you how to work on a model to give it a great looking distorted look and feel and add imperfections to this moody stylized cartoon environment. Working with polygon primitives we extrude, move and merge vertices, duplicate and insert edges and use NURBS based geometry to create curved shapes like the wires, vases and bottles with using the EP curve tool and different surface based modeling techniques like loft and revolve.

    Mad Cartoon Scientist - Character UV Layout and Texturing
    The mad scientist model comes with this tutorial set so that you can include him in your final scene as we've done if you want to. In the first three parts we lay out UV's for the head and body of this character before we take the complete UV maps into Photoshop for texture painting to create the color maps for the skin and clothing with blood splatter. We then add bump and specular maps to make our textures come to life and bring out the detail in the character.

    Cartoon 3D Set Design - Texturing and Lighting
    We start by working in the UV Texture Editor with laying out the UV's during the first four parts. Because this is a cartoon environment the UV layout will work in the same way as the modeling and be a lot easier than it would on a high resolution model with more faces so you'll get a soft start if you're not familiar with UV mapping in Maya yet.

    We then move onto texture painting and lighting, these processes are done parallel to each other in this tutorial and you'll learn how to paint brick and different metals with a weathered look that will add to the distorted feel we've created in the model. We also create some simple shading networks in Hypershade using Maya's procedural textures to generate some quick results.

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