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    [​IMG] - Apache Animation CD-ViH | ISO | 702 MB

    You can view the final AVI from the link below to see what you can achieve from this tutorial. But weather its an Apache or a stealth bomber then this tutorial shows you so much more and will help you understand so many different techniques that you will need throughout your time as an animator.

    Here`s a what the tutorial covers:
    - Setting up animation preferences
    - Rigging the rotors using custom attributes, expressions and deformers
    - Rigging rest of the chopper
    - Animating the chopper using motion path and hand keying
    - Using playblast
    - Creating and animating hand-held camera using hand keying, custom attributes and expressions
    - Lighting the scene using (HDR) image based lighting
    - Rendering with Mental Ray and final gathering
    - Creating an environment for the animation
    - Rendering ground shadow pass
    - Projecting ground texture
    - Adding mountains to the background
    - Creating cg sky using envSky
    - Baking animations
    - Render layers
    - Saving motion information and post motion blurring
    - Compositing with Digital Fusion
    - Color corrections
    - Z-Depth effects (fog, dof)
    - Overview on how to use sprite particles
    - Adding heat distortion and exhaust smoke


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