NitroFlare SiSoftware Sandra 2016 v2016.01.22.10.Multilingual + Portable

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    SiSoftware Sandra 2016 v2016.01.22.10 Multilingual + Portable | 340.81 MB | 320.19 MB

    We are pleased to announce the launch of SiSoftware Sandra 2016, the latest version of our award-winning utility, which includes remote analysis, benchmarking and diagnostic features for PCs, servers, mobile devices and networks.

    We have expanded our portfolio with brand-new CPU and GPGPU Image Processing benchmarks (testing common filters) that support all modern instruction sets (FMA, AVX, SSE2) as well as GPGPU interfaces (CUDA, OpenCL, DirectX 10/11 ComputeShader). Since Compute is now supported in the very latest versions of OpenGL (4.3+) we have also ported the GPGPU benchmarks to this new interface.

    All current OS versions supported: Windows 10 RTM, 8.1, 8, 7; Server 2016*, 2012/R2 and 2008/R2
    - New Benchmark Module: GPGPU Image Processing (common filters: blur, sharpen, sobel, median/de-noise) supporting all modern interfaces (CUDA, OpenCL, DirectX ComputeShader)
    - New Benchmark Module: CPU Image Processing (common filters: blur, sharpen, sobel, median/de-noise) supporting all modern vectorised SIMD instruction sets (FMA, AVX, SSE2)
    - New OpenGL Compute Support: Ported GPGPU benchmarks to OpenGL (4.3+) Compute Shader (Fractals, Crypto, Image Processing)
    - New GPU Precision: FP16/half-float precision benchmarks (Financial, Scientific)
    - New CPU Test: 64-bit Integer Dhrystone measuring 64-bit integer workload performance.
    - New Transcode Test: HEVC/H.265 media transcode test, brand-new high-bitrate master AVC1 media file 1080p and UHD/4K (commercial versions) for UHD/4K, 3K, 1440p transcoding benchmarking.
    - Updated Benchmark: Updated Overall Score (2016) by adding new benchmarks to the index.
    - New Operating System Support: Full support for Windows 10 RTM, 8.1, 8, 7 as well as Server 2016*, 2012/R2, 2008/R2.
    - New Hardware Support: Modern and future hardware support.



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