NitroFlare Sketch 3.4 (Mac OS X)

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    Sketch 3.4 (Mac OS X)
    A vector drawing program for designers.

    Sketch is a vector drawing tool with which you can work comfortably and customize the most, creating templates, profiles and own configurations.

    Among the advantages of Sketch highlights its set of tools that adapt to any line or shape you need to perform as well as the possibility of applying textures, including both default Sketch as you think on your own.

    On the other hand, Sketch provides templates to help with the design of icons for iOS and Mac OS X, along with effects and pixel grid.

    - Symbols for the reuse of design elements
    - Text styles and layer styles, redesigned and unified for a better experience
    - Redesigned inspector, giving you faster access to all
    - Automatic slices, layers of direct export, without setting manual slices
    - Export of multiple resolutions of a single slice, at any scale
    - Improved PDF, EPS and SVG importers and exporters
    - Speed, bug fixes and polishing all
    - Presentation, go full screen and hides all the controls, perfect for showing off designs
    - Improved editing bitmap with the magic wand, Crop, and Invert Vectorize tools

    It requires 10.9 or later

    Link Download:
    Download Via Nitroflare
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    Download Via xxxxxxxx

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