NitroFlare SketchUp Rendering Using V-Ray 2 with Brian Bradley

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    Lynda - SketchUp Rendering Using V-Ray 2
    Intermediate | 3h 11m | 5 GB | Project Files | Software used: SketchUp, V-Ray​
    V-Ray is a very popular and high-quality third-party renderer for SketchUp. With V-Ray, you can add naturalistic lighting, cameras, reflections, and diffuse materials to your SketchUp models and scenes. This course will use a single arch viz scene (an architectural visualization with interior and exterior elements) to demonstrate all of these options. Author Brian Bradley covers all of the V-Ray light types (from Sun and Sky to Sphere), irradiance mapping, physical cameras, materials, and V-Ray quality controls. By the end of the course, you'll know how to use V-Ray features to make your SketchUp models look their very best.

    Topics include:

    Locating V-Ray tools and features
    Using the RT Engine
    Creating daylight with V-Ray Sun and Sky
    Using image-based lighting
    Working with irradiance mapping
    Handling perspective correction in the physical camera
    Setting up a depth of field effect
    Creating and applying V-Ray materials
    Using fixed-rate sampling
    Color mapping
    Working with V-Ray proxies

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