NitroFlare SMART Notebook 2015 15.1.708.0.Multilangual Mac OS X

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    SMART Notebook 2015 15.1.708.0 Multilangual | MacOSX | 1.13 GB

    Create high-impact lessons that bring learning to life. With a rich set of design and delivery features and a multitude of digital resources, SMART Notebook collaborative learning software connects you to a full ecosystem of content, tools and support.

    Intuitive and powerful
    With SMART Notebooks subject-specific functionality, integration with mobile devices and thousands of pieces of pre-created content, its easy to make learning fun.

    A flexible, evolving platform
    Get the most out of your classroom technology investments and ensure a consistent user experience by standardizing across interactive displays and operating systems with SMART Notebook.

    Built for education
    Enjoy the benefits of a proven technology developed specifically for education over 22 years, and used in almost 3 million classrooms worldwide.

    SMART Notebook 15.1
    The latest release of SMART Notebook software includes four amazing new activities in the Lesson Activity Builder. Get a closer look on the full features page.

    5-minute lesson planning
    Bring gamification into the classroom with Lesson Activity Builder. Its a simple tool to create fun, engaging activities in less than 5 minutes.

    Interact with lessons from an iPad
    SMART Notebook Maestro lets teachers and students interact with content and engage in collaborative lessons from a single iPad.

    Teachers can use Response VE to deliver assessments that contain spontaneous or planned questions, and students can use their web-enabled devices to respond.

    Interactive concept maps
    Map ideas and brainstorm sessions interactively, so students can explore their learning process, together.

    Math-specific functionality
    Powerful math functionality for all grade levels, including easy equation editing, SMART Blocks, and math content objects and activities, powered by GeoGebra.

    Requirements: OS X 10.8 or later
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