NitroFlare SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 rev 745.1010.Multilingual + Portable

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    SoftMaker Office Professional 2016 rev 745.1010 Multilingual + Portable | 380.12 MB | 234.43 MB

    Software office Suite Softmaker Office 2016, the main development of the company Softmaker GmbH, is an excellent replacement for Microsoft Office. Office Suite in particular is necessary in organizations and at home on a personal computer to improve, optimize, facilitate the process of documenting, monitoring and accounting, the automation of office work. You, as in all known office package, you can work and share Excel workbooks, Word documents and PowerPoint presentations. Try Softmaker Office 2016 and you will feel that your work has become much more productive. The interface of the application package translated into many languages and Russian among them.

    Key features:
    Low system requirements
    The high speed of the program
    Full compatibility with all Microsoft Office file formats
    Support for new formats of Microsoft Office 2013
    Save any document in PDF format
    The ability to create a portable version
    Built-in programming language VBA
    A toolbar similar to the familiar and convenient interface
    Four tools: TextMaker, PlanMaker, Presentations and BasicMaker

    New in version 2016:
    Even faster than before
    Flexible graphics editing with the new SoftMaker Office
    Pivot tables and more math functions in the new version of PlanMaker
    Preview documents and pictures before opening them
    Charts can now be created in TextMaker and Presentations, too
    Touchscreens, high-resolution monitors, and more
    Huge worksheets in the new PlanMaker
    Improved user interface in SoftMaker Office
    The new SoftMaker Office has EPUB and enhanced PDF export
    Extended toolbars in the new SoftMaker Office
    The new TextMaker makes it easier to work on tables
    Improved backup, including version management
    Smart guides in the new version of Presentations
    The new SoftMaker Office offers you a huge choice of first-class templates
    SoftMaker Office 2016 has even better compatibility with Microsoft Office

    Revision 745 comes with the following improvements:
    All: In the Print dialog box, the port (such as LPT1) is no longer shown, as this is no longer standard behavior in Windows applications.
    All: Some bugs have been fixed related to setting the width of the sidebar.
    All: New dialog box in Help > About
    All: New splash screens
    All: The icons for launching other SoftMaker programs are also available with the short toolbar (visible when no documents are open) and function correctly there.
    All: New help files and PDF manuals (the help files are also in the service pack installer. For the PDF manuals, you need to download and run the complete setup.)
    All: In some situations, the 30-day trial version expired immediately.
    TextMaker: New options in the Lists & labels function
    TextMaker: EPUB export fixed for improved compatibility with Adobe Digital Elements and Icecream Ebook Reader
    TextMaker: EPUB export now uses CSS styles instead of fixed formatting.
    TextMaker: In some situations, bookmarks in PDF files pointed to the wrong text.
    TextMaker: A bug has been fixed in PDF export that confused the preflight function of Adobe Acrobat Pro.
    TextMaker: In File/Properties, you can now specify on a per-document basis if the page background defined with Format > Page background will be printed or not. Until now, it was never printed.
    PlanMaker: The cell function used with the argument filename now returns the result exactly like Excel.
    PlanMaker: Some string functions (LEFT, RIGHT etc.) returned results in revision 742 that were either one character off or could cause a crash.
    PlanMaker: On 4K monitors, the icons for conditional formatting inside worksheet are now rendered better.
    PlanMaker: Improved compatibility of fields in headers and footers with Excel
    Smash: Smash now can run Presentations again (a wrong registry key was searched).
    Additional bug fixes
    Improvements to the file filters



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