Somebody Up There Likes Me (1996)

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    Movie Info:
    Director: Patrick Leung
    Cast:: Aaron Kwok* Carman Lee* Sammo Hung* Michael Tong
    Original Title: Lang man feng bao
    Production Country: Hong Kong 1996

    A young rebel falls for the sister of a local kickboxing champion. In order to stay out of jail* he is advised by his parole officer to begin training in the art of kickboxing. His romance with the girl blossoms but comes to a crashing halt when he is forced to face her brother in the ring. When the brother is accidentally killed* the romance ends and the young kickboxer participates in illegal street fights. When the kickboxer has a shot at the Golden Belt against the Japanese champ* he soon learns that this may be the final fight of his life.

    LANGUAGE: Chinese
    SUBTITLE: English (available with nero showtime)
    ca. 112 min
    700 mb

    pass : malamute

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