Someones is closing threads with no reason

Discussion in 'Archive' started by GEOPYT, Nov 28, 2010.


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    That link you posted results in the board displaying this message........
    If you were linking to a particular member, please post their full exact username.

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    i cant find them just now i posted in one of them so i could find it again but the profiles are messed up again cant search for users post in them now
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    Tip: use the go_advanced option when replying in a thread to avoid double post errors.

    It may seem like a pain, but once you get into the habit you never have to worry about checking for double post errors the board may trigger using the quick reply option (due to the board being retarded).

    Were the threads you were talking about game threads dude?

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    That dude has only 6 threads.
    I have posted a reason in one of his threads I sent to the recycle bin......

    I deal with threads in my section by batches (by member), so I will not always post in every single thread that gets binned.
    I usually post in a thread (in a batch) that will cover any other rules violations in the other game threads from that member.
    And I always link to the rules in my section when I post in those threads, and in warning/infraction PM's.

    That dude hasn't received a warning or infraction, his threads have been closed, moved to the recycle bin and there's a post in one of the threads in that batch.

    What is the problem exactly bro?
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    The games section is my section.I am the only moderator dedicated to a section, it was the job offer I accepted when I started here > Games Moderator.

    As an extra note:
    because the board has been super-retarded lately (really slow, connection errors, blah blah blah) there have been a few times when I've come here, started to work and then can't continue.

    I always close a thread before I do anything else.

    First close.
    Then move to recycle bin.
    Then post in that thread if needed.

    This is a habit I have had for a long time now, it prevents forgetting to close threads in the bin, or forgetting to move them, etc.

    This may be the reason you have seen closed threads in the games section that haven't been moved yet, or posted in, no warns/infractions given yet.

    Please don't post in public threads questioning my work in the games section, if you have questions PM me.

    It's my section, other mods rarely (if at all) touch anything in there.
    I do know the rules for my section very well, and I do know what I am doing.

    Can you please stop posting questions (or asking me to do something like your post in that other thread) in public game threads.........this is my work and if you want to question it, do so here in the mod section or by PM.

    Honestly, the only other staff member that has questioned my work so much was fotoguy.....and he was out of line when he did that in the past.

    I'm starting to get a bit annoyed by this now :/

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    OK I GET IT i dident know you had a section a just though it might have been a new mod so dont think im questioning your work far from it i just see a problem so i say somthing no offence bro
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    Ok, I thought everybody knew I am the Games moderator here.
    It would probably be helpful if I could add that information under my status title, but that isn't possible (just like we can't add avatars, profile pictures or picture albums).

    Any questions about games threads/rules should be directed to me.
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    there is not so much problem ..
    be cool ..
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    Be cool Dead it is not GEO's fault, it is the board. You posted a link in your fed up thread on complaints about the site and I got the same message you just posted about the link GEO posted, when I tried to access it.

    If you are not available or not on line and we see a dud, live links etc, surely it would be better to help you out and remove it. We should all help each other not fight. Goodness knows didn't we have enough of that when fg was around. This board is tough enough to staff w.o. us lot falling out. It is actually very stressful to try to staff this board. I have multi windows open, just hoping one will actually open and by the time it does I forget what the bloddy hell I was doing. ARRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGG



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