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    Sony Media Software - ACID Latin (WAV) | 896 MB

    ACID Latin might well be the ultimate Sony Sound Series reissue. This platter of red-hot sample food made its debut in a loops-and-software combo pack released at the height of the dotcom boom. The production assignment was commissioned to Santana co-leader and rhythm ace Karl Perazzo while he was still buzzing from the amazing Supernatural sessions that exploded the band and legendarily “reconnected the molecules with the light”.

    In the heart of home base San Francisco, Karl brought the vibe, set the pace, and worked his magic in a series of super high-energy recording sessions that generated the raw materials for ACID Latin. Edited to perfection, the final takes were framed in an exhibition of classic Latin music forms generated by a true master. Enjoy a construction kit that has everything you need to make authentic Latin tracks: bass, drums, guitars, horns, keys, and of course, a serious stockpile of Perazzo-performed percussion samples.

    ACID Latin makes its debut in the Sony Sound Series catalog configured in its native 24-bit format and refreshed with new metadata to ensure unsurpassed performance in ACID software and all DAWs that use .wav files. Included are nine incredible, royalty-free ACID projects that demonstrate what’s possible—the rest is up to you. Put ACID Latin in your toolkit and work with music that legends are made of.



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