Soul (2003)

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    A story about the enigmatic beliefs, legends and mysteries from four different regions of Thailand, relayed in the local dialect. Phee-Phong is a tale from Northern Thailand. It’s said a magical tree called “Wan-ya” could transform into a tranquil ghost when its owners magic powers increase. The spirit would remain calm until someone identifies its host body…Nang-Ta-Kien is a tale from the central region. A murder victim killed under a tree called “Ta-Kien” plots revenge against her killer. Prai-Ta-Ni is the tale of a woman who lived in the banana trees. She will cast magic spells for the man she loves. But if her love is rejected, she becomes cruel… Finally, a ghost in northeastern Thailand violated the rules of magic, and the soul of her teacher punishes her by cursing him as Pob – a female sprit who loves to feast on the guts of the living.

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    Jakapong Bampen ... Iet
    Utthakorn Choyleu ... Den
    Somrak Khamsing ... Tid Ken
    Juralak Krittiyarattana ... Nangtamee
    Yoon Maneechote ... Jan

    AKA: Soul (International: English title)


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