NitroFlare Sound Factory Oli Furness - A Machine Soul-MULTiFORMAT

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    Sound Factory Oli Furness - A Machine Soul | MULTiFORMAT | 785 MB

    A Machine Soul is a sample pack perfect for those people looking to make the more raucous House and Techno jams. This pack was created using various analogue and digital gear including modular sequencers and Elektron samplers. A Machine soul is at its very essence about how man and machine connect much more deeply than anyone expects.

    This pack is not just the sounds of an artist, it is much more than that. A Machine Soul contains the blueprint for a whole ethos, a specific way of working with analogue machines. A Machine soul is at its very essence about how man and machine connect much more deeply than anyone expects.

    Written on numerous different machines, from vintage Roland drum machines right the way up to modern day classics like the Elektron series. Heavy pumping drums kits, sequenced basslines, soaring pads and much more man: machine wizardry go to make up this pack.

    Raw analogue House jams that often veer into screaming Techno territory - this is the legit sound of one of the more exciting sounds ripping clubs apart.right now!

    Oliver Furness in his own words:

    "When I first sat down to write this sample pack I looked around in my studio and pulled together a collection of machines that I have always felt I had a connection with, weather it be from hours leaning over it learning to play the thing, or from special times in the studio when things just click in the jam. As I slowly worked to piece together techniques and capture instances a true connection appeared between me and the machines just as fresh as the first time and just as exciting start which made it a joy to write and hopefully I captured my interpretation of what the hardware could do."

    What's in the pack:

    Over 1000 24bit 44100hz WAV
    Over 400 Loops spread across
    Bass Loops
    Groove Loops
    Lead and Synth Loops
    Pads Loops
    Full Selection of over 500 single shots covering
    Bassdrums, Hats & Shakers, Perc, Perc Fx, Snare and Claps
    One Shot Chords
    Textures and FX
    A Full complement of sampler files for all samplers and DAWs including, Kontakt, NNXT, EXS24, Ableton.



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