NitroFlare Sound Studio 4.8.0 (Mac OS X)

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    Sound Studio 4.8.0 (Mac OS X)
    Sound Studio lets you easily record and professionally edit audio on your Mac. Easily rip vinyls and digitize cassette tapes, or record lectures and voice memos. Prepare for live shows with live effect processing and level tweaking, then record it all with performance recording capabilities.

    Any audio project. Completed with ease.
    Expansive compatibility. Record your work as an MP3 or AAC M4A file. Edit and export audio in several formats including AIFF and WAV.
    Creative effects. Layer several effects like delay, reverb, chorus, or flanger filters, then more
    Whats New

    Version 4.8:
    Improved waveform display.
    Smoother scrolling and animations.
    Faster level meter display with smoother animations.
    Improved markers display with larger text and a fixed-width text box.
    Fine-tuned how Insert Markers in Gaps works.
    Reinstated missing Save Sound Studio Document Automator Action.
    Playback of a single track of audio in more

    Link Download:
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