NitroFlare Soundmasters Tropical Paradise.WAV Ableton Live Ni Massive

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    Soundmasters Tropical Paradise | WAV Ableton Live Ni Massive | 107 MB

    It’s a Complete Product that will teach you a new approach at Tropical House production, because not only does it contain 80 perfectly crafted Massive sounds, but it also contains the whole demo project for you to look at.

    You will have access to all the samples, the MIDI melodies and harmonies heard in the demo and more.

    Furthermore, you will be able to see how each track relate to each other and exactly which plug-ins were used (only Ableton internal plug-ins, with the excpetion of LFOTools for some sidechain effect and the Ozone5 Maximizer on the master track).

    I made ALL the sounds and samples with Love and Attention.

    The quality of the Kicks and Snares is something you WILL definitely notice.

    Everything is made with Tropical House in mind!

    The Kicks have that nice controlled attack and upper part difficult to create (the kind of attack that you find in a real kickdrum), united with a round bass side that gives it body and meaning.

    You can easily create a WHOLE TRACK around these kicks!

    The Massive Patches are of a type of sound design that is very rare to find in a commercial soundbank.

    The Sounds are not just “good enough”, they have a SOUL of their own that you can definitely FEEL it when you play them.

    I’m sure that these Sounds will inspire you, because I was very inspired when I made them!

    Any piece of this product is copyright free so you will feel free to use any melody or part of the demo with no worries.

    - 80 Presets for NI Massive

    11 Basses
    5 Pads
    5 FXs
    21 Leads
    30 Plucks
    9 Poly Synths

    - Wav Samples, key elements heard in the demo, organized as follows

    21 Kicks
    10 Snares
    2 Hats

    All the guitars, atmospheric sounds and drums heard in the demo.

    The complete Ableton Live 9 project

    The complete package is 142MB.

    TROPICAL PARADISE is designed to give YOU the tools that you need to create an unique track.

    With this I want to give you a different perspective on the genre.

    There are a lot of great sounds that I didn’t use in the demo, so Now it’s up to you to Discover what’s inside this inspiring product!

    Please Note: Requires Massive 1.3+"

    Electro House
    Progressive House
    Tech House



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