NitroFlare Soundmorph Doom Drones (Free Pack)

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    Soundmorph Doom Drones (Free Pack) | 271 MB

    Perfect for something in the realm of a David Lynch film, ambient music production, a horror film, or just to set the mood of a foreboding sound scape.

    Arovane is the recording name of Uwe Zahn. Born in Germany in 1965 and active in music & sound design for the last 30 years, Arovane's sound can be characterized as ethereal, melodic, organic, and ambient. It is richly layered with synths and textured distortions and focuses more on generating a melancholy nostalgic feeling.

    All files are 24bit/96khz .WAV stereo files, all meticulously embedded with Soundminer & Basehead metadata.
    Note thats the FREE PACK, not the full pack! But the file from them is wrong packed and slow to download! could be true for the other files too!

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