SRWare Iron 21.0.1250.0 Stable + Portable Multilanguage

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    SRWare Iron 21.0.1250.0 Stable + Portable Multilanguage | 112MB

    SRWare Iron - The web browser of the future, based on the source code of Chromium, has reinforced the safety and care of user privacy web browser Chrome, created by Google, is notable for incredibly fast loading pages, elegant design and innovative features. However, he criticized security professionals due to send information about the user's actions and the creation of a Google ID to facilitate the identification of the user.

    SRWare Iron has no such problems. Iron web browser based on the open source code of Chromium and offers all the features Chrome, and improved privacy and security for the user. browser designed for the safe and efficient operation of the Internet. Now you can enjoy safe web browsing with free browser SRWare Iron .

    The differences between Google Chrome and SRWare Iron:
    Comparison of safety for the user:

    client ID
    Chrome for each browser creates a unique key that keeps track of it in the future. In Iron is cut.

    remembering the time
    Chrome remembers the time when the program was installed on the computer. In Iron cut.

    Sending data address bar
    Every time you type something in the address bar, Chrome sends it to Google. In Iron cut.

    Alternative error page
    If you are wrong in Chrome hammered address, the error message you get from the server Google. In the Iron does not.

    Bug Reports
    Depending on the settings, if errors occur, Chrome sends an error report to Google. In the Iron does not.

    RLZ tracking
    Google Chrome passes the encoded information. For example, where and when it was loaded. In Iron is not.

    Google Updater
    Chrome installs the same program that is in the background rocks and installs updates. In Iron is not.

    URL tracking

    The name speaks for itself. In Iron is not.


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