Star Wars 1/2/3/4/5/6/7 + Series 1/2/3/4 / 300MB / 1 part

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  1. shav123321

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    [COLOR="Red"]Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace [1999] [/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars II - Attack Of The Clones [2002] [/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars: The Clone Wars [2008] [/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 1 [/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars Clone Wars Vol 2[/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars III - Revenge Of The Sith [2005][/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars IV - A New Hope [1977] [/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars V - The Empire Stikes Back [1980][/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars - Ewok Adventures - The Battle For Endor[/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars - Ewok Adventures - The Caravan Of Courage [/COLOR] 
    [COLOR="red"]Star Wars VI - Return Of The Jedi [1983] [/COLOR] 
  2. the_hippi

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    great job mate. :pleasantry:

    wish i had faster internet.....:cray:
  3. alex2591

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    wow how great , thanks so muchhhhh :heyo:
  4. alex2591

    alex2591 Guest

    dear shav, i can't play EWOK-MP with media player, why & help, pls. thanks:girl_cray2:
  5. shav123321

    shav123321 Guest

    have u tried playin it with media player classic or vlc doesnt work because windoes media player doesnt recognise the code...

    so here u go mate

    Code: Media Codec Full.rar
  6. alex2591

    alex2591 Guest

    dear shav, thanks for advice but k-lite also unwork :girl_cray2:
  7. shav123321

    shav123321 Guest

    try this mate

  8. alex2591

    alex2591 Guest

    dear shav, i will try , thanks so much :spruce_up:
  9. SaBBiR

    SaBBiR Guest

    any chace of puttin them togather in rapidshare / hotfile ?
  10. alex2591

    alex2591 Guest

    dear shav, i try but VLC still unwork. i notice that i can open all my mp4 file with all my tool but
    only your mp4 , so please recheck your links or converted file, pls. thanks :girl_cray2:
  11. shav123321

    shav123321 Guest

    hmmm mate then i got now clue whats wrong with it...coz if u read the comments then u no one else has told me if there is a problem with the files...

    coz it work on my computer...hmmm try this..and try to play with all the might work..

  12. shav123321

    shav123321 Guest

    sorry i dont use rapidshare coz rapidshare is slow...
  13. stangboy94

    stangboy94 Guest

    I don't use rapidshare cuz it is slow.

    whatever, you need help if you think rapidshare is slow, serious help at that.:triniti:
  14. shav123321

    shav123321 Guest

    yea and so do u coz u think its fast...maybe u like wasting ur time waiting for the time limit to expire...jeez..
  15. laudon11

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  16. mass01

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    I think there maybe something funky with the encoding, dl'd eps 4 (1977) and will not play on anything I have??
    Maybe its me but i have no problems with other mp4 etc etc etc and i have a better codec pack than klite and tried a few other players that will play anything!, usuallly!!..

    DELETED! thanks anyway....
  17. leno

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    thans man great movies :triniti:
  18. iamshaokahn

    iamshaokahn Guest

    excellent compilation buddy
  19. pintux

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    Sep 23, 2013
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    Star Wars IV is defo corrupt.... Will not play on VLC, Nero player, any Windows player, GOM player, DivX player..... I have all Codecs installed for a long long time and can play any movie....

    But not this, Defo a prob as others have said....

    Ep V is fine on Gom and VLC

    Not tried the rest yet....

  20. desaolsen

    desaolsen Guest

    Thanks!!! :heyo::heyo::heyo::heyo:

    I've never seen star wars!!!!

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