Star Wars: Empire at War - Gold Pack

Discussion in 'Archive' started by deadlegion, May 12, 2010.

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    Thanks - i will download this later tonight so please keep alive

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    Thank you so much.
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    Awesome! Thanks for posting this! Been looking everywhere for this particular version!
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    thanks mate:good:
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    ok i made a cd with all the content of a total of 2.* gb, and the name of the cd is new, but when ever i try to install it it says please insert "EAW gold Pack DvD" how i do to eliminate that error, the files are on iso.
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    Follow the installation instructions please.
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    Nice game update
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    Only one of the cracks work. The EAW one does not work.
    Please advise
  13. deadlegion

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    Follow the instructions exactly please.
    Do not try to burn this game to disc and install it that won't work.

    Also, I've never tested this on Vista or win7.
    It works fine on XP.
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    is there a password to download from this link
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    Do not post any live links on this site please.
    You must code any links you post.

    To answer your question.....I think you may be confused.
    That link is not available for a free download.
    You must have a paid service with that filehost (vip-file) to download from that link.
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    thanks mate
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