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    Frank Stokes grew up playing the Blues before WWI, when it was just an obscure local folk music from the north of the Mississippi Delta. His tremendous voice and skillful guitar work helped to popularize the Blues as he toured all over the South in Doc Watts Medicine Show, provided entertainment at parties and fish-fries where he was invited to play, and 'busking' in the streets for spare change. Before recording or broadcasting, wandering players like Frank were the only way the Blues could be heard outside its home environment, and when he did get a chance to make records, the quality of his work shone through.

    Frank played in Jack Kelly's Jug Busters, as the Jug Band craze took hold in the 1920s. Together with Dan Sane they became known as 'The Beale Street Sheiks', sometimes adding Will Betts on fiddle, and often being invited to play for white audiences. He recorded 38 sides for Paramount and Victor, including his blend of blues, ragtime, minstrel tunes, and popular songs which made his repertoire one of the most interesting of its time. He possessed a remarkable voice and was an skillful guitarist. His recordings influenced guitarists and blues singers across the South. With the arrival of the Great Depression and the decrease in recording opportunities, Stokes and Sane went back to playing street corners, occasional circuses, and traveling shows. He passed away September 12, 1955.

    In this lesson Tom Feldmann teaches the ins and outs of 10 classic Frank Stokes arrangements in C, D, A, G and E positions. This a great lesson for players of all levels looking to build a repertoire of blues and good-time tunes.

    A detailed tab/music booklet is included as a PDF file on the DVD. In addition the original recordings of all the tunes are included.

    Titles include: Take Me Back, Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do, I Got Mine, How Long, Mr. Crump Don't Like It, Stomp That Thing, Memphis Rounders Blues, Bedtime Blues, Sweet To Mama, Mistreatin' Blues

    83 minutes • Level 2 • Detailed tab/music PDF file on the DVD

    Review:" One of the great things about learning Frank Stokes's music" says Tom Feldman in his introduction, "is that once you've learned the first verse and the intro, then you've pretty much got the song well learned." Ten songs are taught in this 83-minute DVD , including Take Me Back, Stomp That Thing, Tain't Nobody's Business If I Do, Memphis Rounders Blues and (surprising recent McDonalds advert soundtrack) I Got Mine. Standard tuning is deployed throughout, with frequent use of a capo in the C, D, G, A and E fingering positions. Stokes's music, while relatively simple, has an inherent swing and bounce that Feldman captures and transmits perfectly.

    The Frank Stokes DVD is eminently suitable for all ability levels. The DVD features the usual Guitar Workshop high-standard split-screen camera angles and includes a PDF booklet of the tablature and notation, plus bonus audio sections with all the original recordings. - Steve Hunt/fRoots


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