stop adds using internet explorer 8

Discussion in 'Archive' started by strider_hiryu, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. Install any 1 of the following add-on in IE and use them as required(they are free)

    Host block (used and works OK)

    works on all windows OS and IE 6 and above


    ie7 pro( use it works great + additional features , free & customizable & i recommended it )

    works on all windows OS and IE version 6 and above


    if u don't know how 2 use it and read manual if provided
    and if u still don't get it reply for instructions

    PS :reply to keep this topic alive
    add to my reputation and say thanks or did not works
  2. Dekstr

    Dekstr Guest

    Inastall FF , integrate all the thing you need from IE to FF, and install ADBlock addon in FF and you're problem are solved ;)
  3. cinderdj

    cinderdj Guest

    i have tried Host works ok on MOST ads
  4. nickbek

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    Apr 13, 2012
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    use firefox with free plugin adblocker
  5. please

    Mr - catchmeifucan

    i don't know how u become a moderator

    but i do know u spent a lot of time to help people and i appreciate that.

    BUT I

    Insist that u should have readied the topic and replied to it


    has already said what u said

    also this topic is for internet explorer only (not for other web browsers)

    sorry to say that but i don't mean it.

    OK :friends:
  6. dusan

    dusan Guest

    this only keeps ad blank, do not remove it from veiwing area. can this be solved like "clicsor", adding it's address to restricted list
  7. No dusan

    it cannot be done

    well host block is good to block image adds not flash adds

    the ads u see are flash based adds

    also host block simply adds The site to the restricted site-list

    but ie7pro

    has an option similar to add block plus in fire fox

    u can install ie7 pro

    go to

    tools>> IE7 Pro preferences>>AD Blocker( tab)

    check all options(mark all/ tick all)on

    add the list of restricted sites

    in my filter tab and select filter URL type (block or white/enable)and click OK and u r done

    enjoy surfing
    divxturka and other websites without adds
  8. devz

    devz Guest

    thanx dude
  9. brituxhmg

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    Oct 4, 2014
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    Learn how to work with Hosts file and u dont need that IE (<crap)
  10. buddy439rc

    buddy439rc Guest

    well maybe you can enlighten us then as these adds are a pain and getting redireted to other sites too
  11. patwin

    patwin Guest

    use admuncher stops all for me i am using ie8 hope this can help
  12. aliensmith6

    aliensmith6 New Member

    Jun 15, 2012
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    thanks patwin,admuncher works great:heyo:

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