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    Rating: User Rating: 5.9/10 (59 votes)
    Runtime: 93 mins
    Language: English
    Country: Italy / France / West Germany
    Color: Color

    Description: 18th Century Italy. Betrothed at birth to the heir of an aristocratic clan, Carmela (Inferno's Eleonora Giorgi) rebels against the heartless ambition of her family, who packs the headstrong girl off to a secluded convent to avoid the scandal. Victimized and humiliated by the nuns, Carmela finds herself a pawn in a test of wills between the forbidding Mother Superior (Suzy Kendell, from The Bird With The Crystal Plumage) and the manipulative Sister Elisabetta (Cat O'Nine Tails' Catherine Spaak), who strips off her habit after vespers to host decadent midnight parties. Her body ravaged and her soul crushed, Carmela finds joy in the arms of her former lover, Giuliano... whose clandestine nighttime visits to the convent drive the repressed sisterhood into a murderous frenzy.

    Starring three of Dario Argento's most celebrated scream queens at their most beguilingly beatitific, Domenico Paolella's Story Of A Cloistered Nun and its sister film The Nuns Of St. Archangel sparked the notorious "nunsploitation" subgenre, resulting in such unabashedly blasphemous films as Flavia: The Heretic, The Sinful Nuns Of St. Valentine and Killer Nun. Blessed with a heavenly score by veteran composer Piero Piccioni. Story Of A Cloistered Nun also features Euro-sleaze smoothie Umberto Orsini (Emmanuelle 2) and Italian exploitation queen Paola Senatore (Eaten Alive) in an early role.

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