Stray Dogs (2004)

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    Sag-haye velgard (Stray Dogs) [2004]
    Persian | Subtitle : English | 93 min | 720x404 | 128 kbps mp3 | 688 mb

    Gol-Ghotai (a girl) and Zahed (a boy) are siblings living in post-Taliban Kabul. Their father is a mullah. He has fought against the Americans in a Taliban War and eventually was imprisoned. The mother of the children is also imprisoned - she got married again, as she thought her husband was dead in the war and now is accused of infidelity. Every night the children spend with their mother in jail(they call themselves "night prisoners"). One day the prison commander denies all "night prisoners" and Gol-Ghotai and Zahed become homeless. It's a wintertime and they try to find a place to stay overnight, but still they dream to come back to their mother's prison. They are advised to steal something to get imprisoned by the police. After several robbery attempts which nobody noticed, finally Zahed steals a bicycle and his sisters cries and calls him a thief for everybody to notice. Zahed gets imprisoned, but in another jail than his mother.

    Eng. Sub
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    does anyone have this anymore? or can anyone re-up
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    woot, this is a good movie.

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