Street Legal Racing - Redline 2.2.1 RePack by R.G. ReCoding

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    Street Legal Racing - Redline 2.2.1 RePack by R.G. ReCoding
    Developer: Invictus Games | Publisher: Activision Value | Language: English | Size: 1.3 GB
    Genre: Racing

    The game offers into the skin mechanics - self-taught, construct your dream car. Of course, not only the design, but also to ride them on the tracks and cities, earning insane street racing prestige and money. In the game, you can give short weight the car with hundreds of variations of different parts and aftermarket parts.
    The main difference between this assembly from most others, is that in all modes included in it have been edited and corrected scripts Interface smoothly work with each other, while in others they simply distribute the heap. This is the second version of the assembly, the main difference is that it is the basis for a different version of SLRR 2.2.1 MWM.

    Features RePack-Version:

    Have been removed from the game the standard car (they are not sold by dealers,
    they do not participate in the races, their body removed from the directory)
    Changed parts catalog (added compatibility with the old)
    Removed from the directory standard discs
    Removed from the game standard batteries
    Removed from the game standard handlebars
    Removed from the game standard seat
    Removed from the game standard maflera
    Removed from the game balloons with n2o, instead they added new ones (all the machines fixed position)
    Removed the introductory video
    Deleted video from the menu (instead image)
    The game replaced the standard engine from I4 to V10
    The game adds new engines
    In the game the new 45 vehicles (list below)
    The game is fixed equipment of machines
    The game added creak moving parts (not leaving the garage)
    The exhaust pipes are moved to section stock parts
    The game replaced the standard suspension
    The game replaced the standard brake calipers collapsible with krasyaschimesya
    The game adds a fully adjustable suspension
    In a game added to a disc which has regulatory provisions
    The game Fixed display titles in our catalog
    In a game added to the tire sizes
    The game also added a new spoiler, muflera, frames, buckets, racks, batteries, racing seats
    Became available the inclusion of shadows without crashing the game
    The camera's of the car while driving
    The game changed gameplay elements
    The game replaced the standard color palette
    The game replaced the standard music
    The game changed script dealer (with the game going 6 (attached to the game other options)
    The game increased capacity panel for details
    The game replaced the majority of design
    The game will be able to add the tracks (in the directory \ maps \ Addon_Maps)
    Added ENBSeries by Doter99 (In Folder Bonus (to turn it on, press shift + insert)

    Features RePack:
    Do not cut, do not recoded
    Installation requires free: RAM 256 MB of space on the HDD 6 GB;
    Approximate install time 13 minutes on HDD;
    RePack by R.G. ReCoding

    WARNING! Read before you start the game:
    If an error occurs when you run the hw 3d device FAILED to delete file "options" in the folder \ save \ game
    If the game was lost immediately after starting and restarting writes Error: Already running it means that it is running but curled, it happens if you play in the new windose fullskrin mode that used to run the game again to start Task Manager windows (Ctrl + Alt + Delet ) and in the process complete the game.
    If driving in the city game podtormazhuet vystavte view distance in the region of 200 meters, it will be enough to drive, and the game will work better
    The game is a dangerous place from which until then was not possible, the lift in the garage working time through time, so that they do not advise to Use a chance crash the game!
    In the game folder is Fail MWM_Resolution_Changer with it, you can choose any extension of the game screen nedosputnoe
    Just need to turn off anti-virus, it can greatly affect the performance.



    (Buy premium account for maximum speed and resumming ability !! )

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