Stronghold 3: Gold Edition (2011/multi2/SteamRip By RG Gamers)

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    Stronghold 3: Gold Edition (2011/multi2/SteamRip By RG Gamers)
    2011 | PC | English/Russian | Developer: Firefly Studios | Publisher: 1C SoftKlab | 4.03 GB
    Genre: Strategy (Real time) / 3D

    The Return of the Middle Ages. about Medieval Stronghold series has become famous thanks to the harmonious combination of elements characteristic of different genres. Building castles and settlements, management of politics and economics of their territories, exciting battles involving hundreds of soldiers in real time all preserved and enhanced with new features to the Stronghold 3, created using the latest technologies.

    Beautiful far. The new graphics engine Trinigy Vision Engine has allowed to realize the Middle Ages in all its glory.
    We will build a city. The construction process has become more realistic. Now, when placing objects in the field players are not limited to the hidden grid: you can build buildings, focusing on the features of the landscape and other buildings. In addition, from now on the walls of fortresses can be done not only straight but also curved, and create all sorts of defensive structures such as bulwarks, and insurmountable obstacles.
    In war as in war. In Stronghold 3 the first time in the history of the series used a modern physics engine Havok. Siege, attack and defense castles are now a big spectacle eyes of the players brought crumbling shells hit the wall, raging buildings, scattering in all directions, stones, logs, and ... people.
    Day and night day off. Night battles will be more dramatic and tense because of the extremely limited visibility. Players will have to be creative, to discover the enemy, hiding in the darkness of night, or on the contrary to use the darkness to their advantage.
    Playing in different ways. In a large scale military campaign fans of the series will face powerful enemy, who was presumed dead. In the economic campaign will focus on all economic issues in order to develop the kingdom. If desired, the results will appear in the online ranking results. In addition, the game includes the historic battle. But fans of competition on the network Stronghold 3 will offer new multiplayer modes, which can participate up to eight players.
    A creative approach. For those who love not only play but also to create, in the Stronghold 3 provides a comprehensive toolkit that allows you to create maps and share them with each other.

    Composition Gold Edition
    Gold Edition
    Stronghold 3, a digital version of the game on Steam
    Blackstaff Campaign DLC
    Edinburgh DLC
    Harlech DLC
    Marksburg Statue Banner DLC
    Tower of London DLC
    Warwick Statue Banner DLC

    Stronghold 3: Gold Edition
    Unzip the game using Stronghold.3.Gold.Edition.RU RGIgromany.exe
    Copy the contents of the folder Crack (DCCentR, RELOADED) in the game folder (... \ common \ stronghold3 \)
    Start the game with Stronghold3.exe (... \ common \ stronghold3 \ bin \ win32_release \)
    Changing the language setting is carried out in the game folder from the folder corresponding package Language Pack

    System requirements:
    Operating system XP / Vista / Windows 7
    AMD Athlon 64 X2 Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
    Memory 1 GB RAM (2 GB Vista / Windows 7)
    Video ATI Radeon X1800 NVIDIA GeForce 7800
    Free disk space 5 GB






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