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    Rating: 5.1
    Runtime: 54
    Language: English
    Country: UK
    Color: Color (Metrocolor)

    Description: In this sequel to THE STUDENT TEACHERS (1973), three attractive midwestern women take jobs teaching at a California high school. Rialson is a physical education teacher who coaches a girls' football team and gets embroiled in a controversy with an unethical rival coach. Anderson is an art teacher who poses nude for a student photographer and gets suspended when the photos end up in a magazine. Hopkins is a chemistry teacher who gets involved with Carney, a student linked to a car-theft ring. Produced by Julie Corman, wife of Roger Corman.

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    just wanted to say that if these links still work. this is the 2nd film in this series.

    both of them are Produced by "Roger Corman's" wife "Julie' & "Dick Miller's" part if you are a fan like i am of him has a good part in both films. both play coach's at a high school.

    the 1st one i found at a bookstore./video store going out of business about 10 years or so ago. & i LOVED IT! if you can find that one anywhere it IS on dvd i believe.

    i have the old VHS copy of it. it's a film that i just loved. the 2nd one this one isn't as good though. as the case sometimes sometimes happens. "Dick Miller" who RARELY is bad in a film is just terrible in this film. & it's not no cameo like he does most of the time. it's a decent size role that's part of the film. which around this time didn't always happen & still doesn't even today. in short these films are films you don't take serious at all. the writing is betting in the 1st one.

    there's sex/action/ comedy & the acting is better than in the 2nd film. but of course none of it is oscar worthy obviosuly if these DO work though i recommend you get your hands on this one & the 1st one just so you can both of them.

    & remember that no kids should watch either of them.

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