Supersonic Man (1979)

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    Rating: 2.7
    Runtime: 85
    Language: English
    Country: Spain
    Color: Color
    Director: Juan Piquer Simón
    Antonio Cantafora ... Paul (as Michael Coby)
    Cameron Mitchell ... Dr. Gulik (as Cameron Mitchel)
    Richard Yesteran ... Kronos / Supersonic
    Diana Polakov ... Patricia Morgan (as Diana Polakow)
    José María Caffarel ... Professor Morgan

    Description: The alien Kronos is sent to the Earth, under the identity of Supersonic Man, in order to save it from Dr. Gulik's evil plans, namely rule the planet and kidnap Patricia, an eminent scientist's daughter and Supersonic's love interest, which involve such dangerous methods that could "break the Galaxy's equilibrium". This superhero possesses mighty powers such as flying, extraordinary strength, throwing fire and transforming handguns into bananas; he is also given a human identity, Paul, a reporter who can change back to superhero by activating a watch device and saying: "May the Great Force of the Galaxy be with me".

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    Thanks man! I remember this from when I was a little kid!

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