Suzanne Vega - Retrospective: The Best Of Suzanne Vega

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    With clever and literate lyrics coupled with a 'less rock* more folk' style of music* Suzanne Vega first came to notice with her first self-titled album from which the worldwide hit 'Marlene on the Wall' comes. Able to write easily about characters or inanimate objects* Vega wrote lyrics for composer Phillip Glass and her songs appear in many film soundtracks. Vega has also been credited with being the 'Mother of MP3' because of her song 'Tom's Diner' (from the 'Solitude Standing' album) being used to test compression algorithms.

    Retrospective is great starter kit for anyone wishing to explore the music of Suzanne Vega.


    CD 1
    1. Luka
    2. Tom's Diner - DNA* Suzanne Vega
    3. Marlene On The Wall
    4. Caramel
    5. 99.9 F
    6. Tired Of Sleeping
    7. Small Blue Thing
    8. Blood Makes Noise
    9. Left Of Center - Suzanne Vega* Joe Jackson
    10. (I'll Never Be) Your Maggie May
    11. In Liverpool
    12. Gypsy
    13. Book Of Dreams
    14. No Cheap Thrill
    15. Calypso
    16. World Before Columbus
    17. Solitude Standing
    18. Penitent
    19. Rosemary (Remember Me)
    20. The Queen And The Soldier
    21. Woman On The Tier

    CD 2
    1. Caramel
    2. Widow's Walk
    3. Solitude Standing
    4. Blood Makes Noise
    5. In Liverpool Intro
    6. In Liverpool
    7. Anniversary
    8. Tom's Diner

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