Tarzan of Manisa (1994)

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    Tarzan of Manisa (1994)

    Tarzan of Manisa (Manisa Tarzanı)

    Language Options: Subtitles in English, French

    Director: Orhan Oğuz
    Writing Credits: Nuray Oğuz
    Music: Atilla Özdemiroğlu
    Art Director: Mustafa Ziya Ülkenciler

    "It is the Eden decorated with flowers. I am woken by the birds singing. Standing in the mountain, looking down the plain gives you a wonderful feeling. I have discovered the power of imagination in the mountains."

    Ahmet Bedevi, also known as Tarzan of Manisa, was born in 1900 in Baghdad to become a soldier, fighiting in the War of Independence and honoured with a medal. He returned to a ruined and destroyed Manisa in 1923. Bedevi started working at the Municipality as a fireman and a gardener. He became the pioneer and symbol of planting activities. Because of the soft climate of the area, he first wore a vest and trousers and then he started wandering about in the town in his shorts. The people of Manisa saw his resemblance to Tarzan because of his clothes, and always cherished him with love. Tarzan of Manisa lived in the mount Spilylus, ignoring all his individual needs but working for a greener environment. He died on 31st May, 1963. However, he has never been forgotten by the locals; on the contrary, he was immortalised for the things he did for Manisa and people followed his example.

    # 31. Antalya Altın Portakal Film Festival Best Scenario (Nuray Oğuz), Best 3. Film
    # 1994 Ministry of Culture Cinema Excellence Award
    # 1994 Magazine Journalists' Association Best Male Actor (Talat Bulut)
    # 7. Ankara Movie Festival Best Male Actor (Talat Bulut)
    # 1996 France International Beuavis Cinemalia Film Festival 2. Best Movie
    # 67. Academy Awards Turkey Nominee

    Languages: Turkish
    Run Time: 90 Min.


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