Teenage Gang Debs (1966)

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    Rating: 5.8/10
    Runtime: 74
    Language: English
    Country: US
    Color: Black & white
    IMDb Link:
    Director: Sande N. Johnsen
    Diane Conti... Terry
    Linda Gale... Angel
    Eileen Dietz... Ellie (as Eileen Scott)
    Robin Nolan... Maria
    Linda Cambi... Shirley
    Sue McManus... Sally
    Joey Naudic... Nino
    John Batis... Johnny
    Tom Yourk... Hawkeye
    Thomas Andrisano... Piggie (as Tom Andrisano)
    George Winship... Slates
    Douglas Mitchell... Burt (as Doug Mitchell)
    Tom Eldred... Tony
    Alek Primrose... Bartender
    Gene Marrin... Mr. Fiore

    Description: "Teenage Gang Debs" is a mixture between schlock and actual quality characteristic of many of these vintage 'beatsploitation' films. On the negative side, the screenplay is poor if fun. The dialog is clichéd (if a lot of fun for fans of beatnik cool) and the characters are underdeveloped (despite attempts from the screenwriters). Plus, as with a lot of these films, the supposed teenagers look more like a lot of teachers I had in high school. Fortunately, its a b-movie, so these flaws are more than forgivable. The film is actually rather well-made. The editing is good, lending excitement to the rumble sequences. Also, the direction by Sande N. Johnsen (whoever that is) is more than adequate. Like any good exploitation film should, this film moves at a quick pace and never becomes dull.

    Above all, this film offers the goods to exploitation fans. There's plenty of sleaze, more than most Juvenile Delinquency schlock had (this came awfully late in the trend also). There's some violence and strongly suggested sex. Diane Conti isn't a great actress (shes pretty campy), but as the youthful Lady Macbeth named Terry, she has a lot of screen presence and sex appeal. The film is also highly atmospheric, thanks to the authentic locations. It breathes a constant moody air of sordidness. "Teenage Gang Debs" is a drive-in gem thats without any redeeming social value, but exploitation fans wouldn't have it any other way. A lot of fun if you're in the mood for this sort of thing.

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